Learn Redis with Class Central Study Group, Earn a Free Certificate

Learn with Class Central Study Groups on Redis, Excel for Data Analysis, and A Life of Happiness

Learn Redis with Class Central Study Group, Earn a Free Certificate

I work at Class Central as a Backend Engineer. Recently, we started free open Study groups where you can join and learn together with learners around the world with weekly live sessions.

A month ago, Class Central started the first public study group to take together the course Mountains 101 from the University of Alberta. It’s been a great experience so far to meet other people in the study group and to know about their experiences.

Why Study Groups?

Before we started the public study group, we used to have our internal study groups where we use to pick one course every month, do it together and discuss the same every week with our learnings and experiences.

I personally completed the following three courses via our internal study groups.

Normally, I used to signup mostly for Technology related courses like programming, databases, frameworks, etc... Because of our internal study group, I got motivated to take these non-technical courses and the main reason for this is the social activity, discussions, and learning from others' experiences every week.

Another advantage of study groups I found is because of peers in the group, I feel more motivated to learn and complete the course on schedule :)

Before, I signed up for few courses to complete them on my own. But, most of the time I used to drop out of the course after a couple of weeks.

Upcoming Study Groups

Class Central announced three upcoming study groups in three different areas of study (tech, business, humanitarian/psychology) to promote learning and learners around the globe. The invite is open to everyone from all backgrounds to join our study groups.

All three study groups start on June 16th. Full schedule will be available in the coming days here: (classcentral.com/study-groups)

If you are interested in joining one of the following study groups, please sign up here.

Course Basic Info Free Certificate
A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment from Indian School of Business (ISB) 6 weeks long, 28 hours of material yes
Introduction to Redis Data Structures from Redis University 6 weeks long yes
Excel Fundamentals for Data Analysis from Macquarie University 5 weeks long, 15 hours of material no

You can refer to the following link to know about Class Central's upcoming study groups details and signup for the same.

Hope to see you soon in the study group :)

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